I am Gert Meindertsma a dutch artist. I was born 22-06-1970 in Putten. I am now living in Ermelo, a small village about 70 km from Amsterdam.

I am an emerging artist, I started painting seriously in 2004 when I took a course at the Folk High School. After that I took classes at the local centre of art. Because I got more and more interested in painting I decided to go in for my examination at the academy of arts. I was admitted and could start in the second year. Right now I am graduated. I also studied for a while at the academy of arts in Amsterdam.

In the summer I have been travelling to countries like Greece, Belgium, Italy, Germany and the southern of France to paint with a group in the open-air. These holidays were fantastic.

I like the work of Van Gogh and Monet and in common the movement of impressionism.
For information and contact: gert-meindertsma@exto.nl